Welcome to the shop

You want to buy something? That's perfect, go directly to the product gallery below, look for stuff you like and then send me a message. Or give me a call. I know, thats weird and you might be used to just klicking a few buttons and wait for your purchase to arrive, but that's not how it works here.

At the bottom of every page you find some social media links, email, telephone number, choose the one you prefer. There won't be any contact forms on this page for now. Just follow one of the links at the bottom. Say hello. Ask for the price. Tell me your wrist size if you want a Bracelet... You could pay via paypal, bank transfer, or even cash if it's a more or less common currency. Euros or Pound Sterling would be great. We also need to figure out shipping cost, so you could tell me roughly where i have to send the package to.
And yeah, disclaimer bullshit, these links lead to other sites blah blah, no responsibility for the content there...blah blah...i wont' do irresponsible shit with your personal data...blah blah. There is a legal notice link on every page too if you want to read more about this... No tracking cookies, analytics or whatsoever on this site, so no cookie warning.